Spine Exercises

Low Back Stretches

McKinzie Flexion and Extension Stretches. Do 3 sets of 5 reps. STOP if this causes pain. If you your back pain feels better when you sit or lean forward then you will start with the first stretches in this video as they are all “Flexion Biased”, I like the flexed position to reduce my pain. The end of this video is for those of you that like standing or walking or laying flat on your back to reduce your back pain. This is “Extension Biased”, I like bending backwards to reduce my back pain.

Supine Heel Lifts for Lower Abs.

Do 3 sets of 3-10 per day. STOP if immediately if this causes pain during the exercise.

Desk Stretches

This 30 second break from your computer desk will save your back and neck!

Eversion Ankle Exercises (Outside calf muscles; Peroneus muscle)

Inversion Ankle Exercises (medial calf muscles – Tibialis Anterior)